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Recipes and wines:

The Sicilian cuisine is the result of the alternation in the island of many civilizations which sometimes superimposed one upon another. The contrast between sweet and salted, that we normally find in the local gastronomy, comes from the Arab cuisine. The Arabs improved agricultural techniques and introduced news spices which gave to the Sicilian cuisine the complexity and the refinement of taste that still distinguish what is better if a fish soup or pasta with vegetables. As a matter of fact Sicilian cuisine offers a delightful variety of dishes. It's the sun which makes the fruit tasty. The sea is full of fish. The confectionery is sweet and colourful. All flavours mix in harmony and give birth to somptuous dishes and all of them should go with the right wine trying to avoid risky improvisations. The password is " harmony ": strong dishes, reach in protein and fat, should go with strong wines; light dishes should go with white wines or " rosati " and sweets, except those with chocolate, should go with the so-called meditation wines like Marsala or Moscato.



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