The itinerary of Etna DOC

Mount Etna is one of the most important places in Italy from a naturalistic point of view. Viticulture in this area dates back to ancient times as the finding of coins of the fifth century B. C. witnesses. On the slopes of this volcano, the highest in Europe, excellent red and white wines are produced. "Nerello Mascalese" and "Carricante" are the most used species of vines.




The farms and the wines:

Azienda Barone di Villagrande
Via del Bosco, 25 - Milo (CT)

Etna Rosso Doc, Etna Bianco superiore, & & &.

Azienda Vinicola Benanti
Via Garibaldi, 475 - Viagrande (CT)

Rovittello Etna Rosso Doc, Lamorèmio IGT Sicilia, & &.

Azienda Agricola Emanuele Scammacca del Murgo
Via Zafferana, 13 - S. Venerina (CT)

Etna Rosso Doc, Etna Bianco Doc, Tenuta S. Michele Rosso IGT, Arbiato Bianco IGT, & &.

Tenuta Scilio di Valle Gallina
Linguaglossa (CT)

Etna Rosso Orpheus Doc, &.

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